Peter Rowan with Sam Grisman Project plays music from Old & In The Way ... and more! - Mishawaka

Peter Rowan with Sam Grisman Project plays music from Old & In The Way … and more!

All Ages
Sunday, August 25, 2024
$35 to $60
Peter Rowan with Sam Grisman Project plays music from Old & In The Way … and more!


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The music that my father David Grisman and his close friend, Jerry Garcia, made in the early 90s (in the house that I grew up in) is not only some of the most timeless acoustic music ever recorded, it also triggers my oldest and fondest musical memories. What I find most inspiring about this material is the way their camaraderie and their love and joy for the music, simply oozes out of each recording. It is also impressive how deeply they get beneath their favorite songs—whether they are originals, covers or traditional/old time tunes—and how expertly that material was curated. My goal in starting Sam Grisman Project is to build a platform for my friends and me to showcase our genuine passion and appreciation for the legacy of Dawg and Jerry’s music. By playing some of their beloved repertoire and sharing the original music that our own collective has to offer, we will also show the impact that this music has had on our own individual musical voices. Ultimately, there is nothing that makes me happier than playing great songs with my best friends and my hope is to share that happiness with audiences all over!
Peter Rowan (born July 4, 1942) is an American bluegrass musician and composer. Rowan plays guitar and mandolin, yodels and sings. Rowan was born in Wayland, Massachusetts to a musical family. From an early age, he had an interest in music and eventually learned to play the guitar from his uncle. He formed the rockabilly band the Cupids in 1956. Influenced by the blues musician Eric Von Schmidt, Rowan traded his electric guitar for an acoustic and began to play the blues. He was also influenced by the folk sound of Joan Baez. In college, he discovered bluegrass after hearing The Country Gentlemen and The Stanley Brothers. He soon discovered the music of Bill Monroe, and with some help from banjo player Bill Keith, he was invited to Nashville to audition for Monroe. Accompanied by Keith, Rowan went to Nashville and was hired in 1963 or 1964 as songwriter, rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist of Monroe's Bluegrass Boys. His recording debut as a "bluegrass boy" took place on October 14, 1966 and he recorded a total of fourteen songs with Monroe, including the classic "Walls of Time" co-written with Monroe, before his tenure ended in the spring of 1967. Rowan teamed up with David Grisman in 1967 forming the band Earth Opera which frequently opened for The Doors. In 1969, Rowan joined Seatrain, along with Richard Greene. In 1973, Rowan, together with Greene, Grisman, Bill Keith, and Clarence White, formed the bluegrass band Muleskinner. The band released one album. The same year (1973), Rowan and Grisman formed Old & In the Way with Greene, Jerry Garcia, and John Kahn. He wrote the song “Panama Red” that year. Greene was later replaced by Vassar Clements. Old & In the Way disbanded in 1974; shortly thereafter, Rowan joined The Rowans, a reconstituted version of his brothers' band (The Rowan Brothers, who had recorded and toured since 1970) for three years. For a time, he was touring with Greene in Japan and playing clubs with fiddler Tex Logan. He also formed the Green Grass Gringos. Rowan has been part of Mother Bay State Entertainers and played mandolin on their record of 1963, The String Band Project. He has recorded and performed with his brothers, Lorin and Chris, at various times, starting in 1972. He has composed songs performed by New Riders of the Purple Sage, including "Panama Red", "Midnight Moonlight" and "Lonesome L.A. Cowboy". Rowan also features on In No Sense? Nonsense!, an album by UK band Art of Noise. His is the voice (yodel) on "One Earth", the last song of the album. It was recorded 1987, and it was released by China Records and Chrysalis Records Ltd. that same year. Rowan collaborated with his daughter, Amanda Rowan, to write the song "On the Wings of Horses", which was recorded on Rowan's 1990 album Dustbowl Children and later recorded by Emmylou Harris on the 1992 Disney album Country Music for Kids. Rowan released "Quartet" (2007), the second collaboration with guitarist and bluegrass musician Tony Rice. Rowan contributed to the 2011 bluegrass tribute album to the British progressive rock band The Moody Blues, entitled Moody Bluegrass TWO...Much Love, singing lead vocal on Mike Pinder's song "Dawn Is a Feeling". In 1997 Peter Rowan received a Grammy Award for his contributions to the bluegrass compilation True Life Blues: The Songs of Bill Monroe. The album won for Best Bluegrass Album that year. He has also received several Grammy nominations throughout his career. Rowan received the Bluegrass Star Award, presented by the Bluegrass Heritage Foundation of Dallas, Texas, on October 20, 2012. The award is bestowed upon bluegrass artists who do an exemplary job of advancing traditional bluegrass music and bringing it to new audiences while preserving its character and heritage. Peter Rowan is a Buddhist. His more recent releases are "The Old School" (2013) on Compass Records, "Peter Rowan's Twang n Groove Vol. 1" on There Records, "Dharma Blues" (2015) on Omnivore Recordings, and "My Aloha!" (2017) also on Omnivore Recordings. Rowan's album Carter Stanley's Eyes was released in 2018.