Dryer Fire: watch as they perform a perfect 'Top Gun' high five - Mishawaka

Dryer Fire: watch as they perform a perfect ‘Top Gun’ high five

Dryer Fire was by far the strangest interview I have ever performed.  Also, probably the most fun.  The guys brought their boss with them to the bowling interview, which is a little odd.  Odder still, their boss is an inanimate dummy named Slappy.  They often deferred to him, but their communication seemed to be mostly telekinetic.  I never heard a peep out of Slappy.

From their humble roots as a Van Halen tribute band (I highly doubt the veracity of this back story), they have quickly become the premier punk band/appliance repair outfit in Adams County.  Come support them at the Mishawaka on 6/9 as they compete for a slot at


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