Dirtfest with Dirtwire - Mishawaka

Dirtfest with Dirtwire

This past weekend, Dirtwire took over the Mishawaka for two nights of incredible music, performances, and guest speakers that offered fans a full-blown festival experience. Each night was introduced with a land acknowledgment speech, offering a sign of respect for the land that we play and dance upon.

The opening act for the first night was More than Physics, a handpan duo that played incredibly rhythmic patterns with beautiful melodies that can only be achieved with a percussive, yet melodic instrument like the handpan. The duo set a beautiful tone for the whole night that carried into the following sets. Josh Teed was next to take the stage, with a very unique blend of electronic production and live violin. Energy began to ramp up as deep subfrequencies and electronic sound design graced the ears of listeners.

For the second night, Moonfrog opened things up with blissful, electronic-inspired downtempo beats that eased the crowd into what would be an amazing night of music. Cloudchord took the stage next and incorporated live electric guitar with his unique and lush material making for a unique and engaging experience.

Between all of the opening acts across both nights, there were amazing guest speakers that cannot be left unmentioned. A mycologist discussed the power of non-psychedelic mushrooms and how they can better our lives. Meanwhile, we were also joined by a permaculturist who discussed sustainable farming practices. His palpable presentation was palatable and playful (and he really liked to use the letter “P”). It was amazing to learn more about living practices that can make for a better world.

Finally, to cap off both nights, Dirtwire took the stage with a wide variety of unique instruments like the jaw harp, harmonica, and banjo. Their “back-porch space cowboy blues” gave fans a very unique listening experience that was not only fun and danceable, but also primal and intimate.

Halfway through their set, Native American dancers, dressed head to toe in magnificent traditional garments, surprised the audience and created a captivating environment that encapsulated the love for ritual and performance that Dirtwire’s music emulates. To further push this idea of ritual, they joined the crowd towards the very end of their set and did live drumming surrounded by fans which created an inclusive environment that embraced the community they love.

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