Dark Star Orchestra Join Us for a Sold Out 4th of July Show - Mishawaka

Dark Star Orchestra Join Us for a Sold Out 4th of July Show

This Independence Day, the Mishawaka welcomed back the widely popular Grateful Dead tribute band, Dark Star Orchestra (DSO). On this blue sky 4th of July a thousand audience members joined the Mish and Dark Star Orchestra to celebrate the red, white, and blue, Poudre Canyon style. With temperatures in the 70s and the river water high, the cowboy hats, tie-dyed shirts, pashminas, Chacos, and red, white and blue wearing fans flowed through the front gates.

As cups were filled and smiles widened, the sun dipped behind the rocky canyon ridges and Dark Star Orchestra took the stage. The concert DSO played this evening was from April 10, 1971, played at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA. This show began with the song “Casey Jones”, which was immediately met by enthusiastic applause and dancing from the Mishawaka audience.

The first set continued with songs including “Me and Bobby McGee”, “Beat It On Down the Line”, and “Bertha”, each song accompanied by hundreds of audience vocals. While the harmonica, strings, and vocals lit up the canyon, orange, pink, purple, and green balloons bounced around and over the crowd. After 10 fantastic songs, the first set came to a close.

Set number two began with “Truckin’” and a flurry of harmonies, flowing skirts, tapping feet, and emerging stars overhead. This song brought an immediate renewed energy from the crowd, audience and staff members alike.

Part of the way through the second set the tempo lowered for “Sing Me Back Home”, with spiraling light designs on the canyon wall behind the stage. Purples and blues glided from the stage over the crowd while eyes were closed and hugs were shared.

As the final notes of Dark Star Orchestra’s Independence day jam session shook the Mishawaka, each audience member gave one last boogie, one last spin, one last cheer. As the show came to a close, as well as 2024’s 4th of July, the Mishawaka is grateful to once again have been graced with the sweet rhythm of the Dark Star Orchestra. 

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