Daniel Rodriguez - Mishawaka

Daniel Rodriguez

Saturday we got to enjoy the sounds of Daniel Rodriguez along with The Magnie Family Band and Megan Burtt. The beautiful sunny day started off with a speech from our very own Dani Grant, supporting and spreading awareness on the coming political season.

Next we got blessed by the AMAZING Magnie Family Band. What a joy to see three generations all together on stage singing wonderful music. Not only did they blow everyone away but they could not have been more pleasant and kind folk to talk with.

Megan Burtt, who later joined Daniel for his set, showed off her amazingly powerful voice. Overall the night was so full of amazing musicians and singers, nights like these always make working seem like it isn’t work at all but an honor. 

Daniel Rodriguez crushed! As soon as he got on stage everyone got up close to be right below him. Folks were dancing and signing, even some of us interns joined the crowd to experience the magic. Daniels tunes fit so well in the Mish mountains I think everyone got chills.

Truly an honor working for these folks this weekend and being able to experience their music. We hope to see them again!

Big shout out and Happy Birthday to Pilgrim, who does lights for nearly all our shows!!! We love you P-Dog!!

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