Dancing with Desert Dwellers - Mishawaka

Dancing with Desert Dwellers

What a night filled with art, dancing, and good vibes all around. Desert Dwellers brought the house down with their bass-y beats, along with Moon Frog, Bluetech, and Random Rab.

The weather in the canyon could not have been better, and seeing live painters posted up right in front of the river was magical. The work they created blew me away with the beauty of creating art straight from the music and the heart.

We were also graced with the presence of the Darshan Dance Compnay, putting on a spectacular show alongside Desert Dwellers. These ladies were incredible to watch and their outfits were captivatingly beautiful- all handmade by them!

The crowd was dancing all night to each act, which put on their own unique, earthy percussion beats and brought smiles all around. Everyone was such a pleasure to work with and we were so excited to see them back at the Mish again!

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