A Dance Party at the Mishawaka with Anjunadeep - Mishawaka

A Dance Party at the Mishawaka with Anjunadeep

Anjunadeep brought more than your average “electronic dance music” to the Mishawaka last weekend. The independent record label was founded in 2005 by Above & Beyond and James Grant that enabled DJs to explore a more progressive side of electronic music. Our outdoor stage was set with turntables and potted plants for David Hohme, Eli & Fur, and Jody Wisternoff who each brought a soulful and melodic style of beats for a full 6 hours of dancing.

From the moment David and Jody arrived, fans bombarded them with love and appreciation which they reciprocated with a quick photo op and beer, cheers!

The energy that these artists brought to the venue radiated off the crowd all night long. See our video of the show below!

They all shared the green room which was such an awesome scene: 4 musicians trading thoughts and sharing memories in a place they all described as “unlike any other.” We were happy to make everyone feel at home, especially since Hohme mentioned it reminded him of Oregon (in other words… home!).

David Hoohme starting off the night!

David Hohme opened up the night bringing in a full crowd that sparked the flame that would ignite the fire for that Saturday evening. The fans adored him, one so much that he got the opportunity to shower David with gifts and watch some of the show alongside him!

Pictured: David Hohme

Eli & Fur bringing their moves to the stage.

With a smooth and fun transition into Eli & Fur, the music did not stop and the venue only grew with excitement. Watching the bond between the two girls throughout their set was truly beautiful; their chemistry was clearly displayed as their music bumped through the speakers.

Eli & Fur illuminated beautifully illuminated by orange and violet lights.

Eli & Fur getting the fans turned up!

Before fellow English producer Wisternoff took the stage, he decided to hydrate with a bottle of Naked Coconut Water – to spice things up during his set, he added a splash of Grey Goose Vodka. We decided to patton “Naked Goose” for the night. Closing out the evening, Wisternoff needless to say did not disappoint this sold out show.

Jody Wisternoff with his patented “Naked Goose”

Jody Wisternoff in the zone

Pictured Jody Wisternoff

“Everyone is just so happy,” seemed to be the most common phrase of the night which spread the feeling even more so! The music Anjunadeep brought to the Mish exposed a positive environment full of love and BIG energy. We were so blessed to have them here, thank you for your kindness and a grand time!

The crowd was really feeling Jody Wisternoff’s set!

To see the full gallery go to: Sunny Side Production

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