Country Nights with Aaron Watson - Mishawaka

Country Nights with Aaron Watson

On September 3rd, we welcomed an amazing country artist, Aaron Watson, to the Mishawaka Stage. Though the rain did come down on us prior to the show, the weather cleared up just in time!

Like most shows, there are always unknown factors that may delay or pose obstacles on a production standpoint for everything to run smoothly. In this case, Aaron Watson flew in just minutes before his set! He dealt with a few delays but still showed up with an amazing attitude that showed on stage.

Watson’s family accompanied him to the show and it was amazing to see one of his sons join him on stage. It reminded me of some of the family bands we’ve seen perform in the past. 

My favorite part of the show was probably the ending. My dad played country for me constantly when I was younger, so to hear some of countries classics covered by Aaron Watson was such a gift. Especially Amarillo By Morning, the violinist absolutely killed it!!

Overall it was a pleasure to work this show, one of those moments when you realize how magical music can be and even more so at a place like Mishawaka.

The season is coming to an end soon, see you at our last few shows!

  • Written by Manny Abel
  • Photos from Reid Youngberg

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