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Claude Vonstroke’s House Party

This Labor Day weekend, concertgoers made the most of their holiday weekend by partying all Sunday night long with Claude VonStroke. Fan’s donned colorful outfits and danced along to a 6 hour set of hypnotic basslines.

Claude VonStroke offered fans a concert going experience that strayed from the average show. Instead of performing on the stage, Claude opted to get up close and personal with his fans in the pit. The crowd was ecstatic, gathering together around the DJ booth to dance. He even welcomed a plush guest to his booth. 

Throughout the night a few lucky VIP guests got to dance on the venue’s stage since Claude had opted for the floor. Concertgoers showed off their dance moves and eclectic outfits on the stage, which was cozily decorated to look like a living room with couches and furniture. 

Claude VonStroke put on an intimate and unique show. The combination of Claude’s DJ Booth down in the audience, the lively atmosphere on stage and dancing in every square foot of the venue made the whole show feel like one big house party. A great way for fans to celebrate the holiday weekend.

  • Written by Melissa Rinaldo
  • Photos from Alive Coverage

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