Classic Sounds Stay Alive with Dead Floyd and Pink Talking Fish - Mishawaka

Classic Sounds Stay Alive with Dead Floyd and Pink Talking Fish

Pictured: Dead Floyd and Pink Talking Fish

Dead Floyd bringing classic music to the Mishawaka

As the bands loaded in, the fluorescent lights set the stage, and the crowd slowly filled the amphitheatre, we watched ticket sales soar just hours before the show. Feeling the excitement build in the green room all because of the fans, was such a pure and genuine experience for these tribute bands.

The Mishawaka entrance with EGi opening in the background.

Chicago band EGi brought an authentic jam band vibe to open up the show and it gave life to the crowd within minutes. Two show-goers were spotted front and center dancing wild and free throughout the set without a care in the world – if that doesn’t give you a vision of how the tunes went over.

Pictured: EGi

Pink Talking Fish and Dead Floyd both stole the show with amazing covers that the entire audience was singing along to all night. Their energy was clearly exhibited on stage as they rocked the night away and celebrated being at the Mish with aged bourbon… out of plastic cups.

Charlie Humphreys from Dead Floyd shredding their cover of “Money”

Pictured: Pink Talking Fish and a beautiful light display

Pink Talking Fish guitarist Dave Brunyak

The bands brought good vibes to the canyon this weekend with the sweet sounds of Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Talking Heads, and Phish with a hint of original music from EGi. We were very grateful to have them.

A little bit of rain makes for good pictures! 

Guitarist Dave from Pink Talking Fish and Charlie Humphreys from Dead Floyd 

Happy fans enjoying the show!  

Dead Floyd jamming out!

Pictured: Dead Floyd

Sound and lights brought to you by AoS Lighting and Andrew

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