Circles Around The Sun with Tyler Grant Trio - Mishawaka

Circles Around The Sun with Tyler Grant Trio

A light sprinkling in the afternoon had us slightly concerned, but we got some great rainbows out of it and sky was clear by the time Tyler Grant Trio took the stage.  “You’ve never seen a 70 year old Vet dance and swing like that!” – The White Owl.  Tyler Grant, looking sharp and pickin’ like nobodies business.   Members of our staff and Circles Around The Sun went Rainbow hunting and did not leave empty handed.   A quick riverside yoga break between sets.  What other venue can you do that in?  Josh, the head honcho of box office world.
Circles Around The Sun took the stage as night fell.  The fog, lights, and music in the air was a perfect recipe for a psychedelic moon rise.   Some of the best improvisational rock music ever created, happening on our stage.  Hard to believe this was only their sixth show.
The mastermind, Neal Casal, intensely involved in the jam.   Dan Horne, bassist AND Rainbow hunter extraordinaire. Pictured: A circle, around Circles Around The Sun.  For the complete gallery, visit: Sunny Side Production

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