Chromeo Begins Their “Funk Yourself” Tour with Coco & Breezy at The Mishawaka - Mishawaka

Chromeo Begins Their “Funk Yourself” Tour with Coco & Breezy at The Mishawaka

This past weekend Chromeo kicked off their “Funk Yourself” tour with Coco & Breezy with an incredible night at The Mishawaka that is going to set the pace for the rest of their tour! Both duos began the tour with a bang and absolutely killed it on stage this Friday night! The cities next on Chromeo’s North American tour are in for a real treat in the upcoming months!

After all of the shuttles arrived, everybody got into the venue and found their food and drinks, Coco & Breezy took the stage and officially began the tour! The night was young, the lights were fresh, the sound was great, and Coco & Breezy brought incredible stage presence and set incredible vibes to start the night of unforgettable music!

The electronic beats the duo brought with them were incredible, with sounds that were unique to the pair, and influence from various genres like trance, house, psychedelia, and dub. Coco & Breezy also have spectacular chemistry, dancing in sync with mesmerizing moves, and flawlessly mixing tracks so seamlessly that it was almost like the same song! The music, the choreography, and the vibes were phenomenal throughout Coco & Breezy’s set, both of them had a truly great set that would set the stage for Chromeo to keep the party going!

The stage went dark, the music stopped, and it was a little eerie with the smoke machine still running, the chatter was minimal, and you could hear the sounds of the river over anything else, the anticipation was maiming, and then suddenly, it began. The music roared down the canyon, and all of the lights came on at the same time to reveal the brightest stage you have ever seen, with everything on the stage chromed out from the piano, synthesizer, voice box, every guitar, and every mic. It was time for Chromeo.

Chromeo wasted zero time before they got the funk going, the crowd grooving, and the masses dancing. The variety of instruments on stage together made such a unique sound that you would only hear from Chromeo, and it is a whole different experience just listening to it at home than actually seeing it live and hearing the instruments in front of you! Both of them utilized the whole stage, and played every single one of their custom instruments to create the sound that is completely revolutionizing progressive 21st-century funk!

The music was incredible on its own, but what really made this show unique was the jaw-dropping performance that the Chromeo duo put on! With the light from the stage reflecting off of their instruments in sync with the music. Both of them harmonized their singing and jamming, while simultaneously running through the choreography that only true professionals could pull off, it was an unforgettable set to see. The best friends that make up the Chromeo duo show off the years of chemistry, hard work, and pure talent that has been building up more and more until we get to where we are today, revolutionizing the funk music scene once again.

Chromeo really did title their tour appropriately. The whole evening the energy was high, the music was upbeat, and made you dance until you couldn’t dance anymore. The music was astounding, the performance was astounding, and everything about their set was nothing short of incredible, which made for one of the best shows that we have had this summer at The Mishawaka. There wasn’t anything to dislike about this show, everything was flawless, it was fun, entertaining, funky, and left the crowd craving more at the end of the set because they just couldn’t get enough! In all reality, the trip from Bellvue to Salt Lake City isn’t that bad, you might just have to make the quick trip over to catch that set and watch the masters at work, and “Funk Yourself” with Chromeo.


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