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The California Honeydrops Take Over the Mish

This past Friday we got to welcome back The California Honeydrops for their fourth consecutive year! Selling out the show two years in a row now, they truly rocked the house with their bluesy, old-timey tunes. They have this ability to “flirt with the crowd” and get everyone feeling the vibrations. Check out everyone singing along with Lech!

 It was truly an incredible sight and we have never seen the line out the gate quite that long. The Honeydrops have a huge fanbase in Colorado from what I’ve gathered, and they keep capturing hearts left and right.

At one point they had a friend wearing tie-died overalls and a straw hat hop on stage and groove to the rhythm in bare feet. It’s things like these that the fans really appreciate and sends out a feeling of connection.

Los Chicos Malos opened this night and they were a blast to watch on their own. To the crowd’s surprise the Honeydrops did a collaboration with them on stage mixing their sound with the Chico’s salsa beats and it was incredible to say the least.

If salsa doesn’t get people dancing, add a bit of the Honeydrops flavor and you can’t help but move. They jammed all night and probably could have kept going! By the end of it, everyone went home grinning from cheek to cheek. We hope to see them again next year, but for now, we know they’ll be giving the rest of the country their fill of their bluesy sound!

Thank you Sunny Side Production for the photos!

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