Boombox, Evanoff, and ILL.Banks Bring a Saturday Night Dance Party to the Mish - Mishawaka

Boombox, Evanoff, and ILL.Banks Bring a Saturday Night Dance Party to the Mish

The bass and thumping electronica beats were strong at the Mishawaka last Saturday night. It’s a dance party! Folks arrived in funky and colorful outfits adorned with feather boas, sequins, and crazy patterns. We knew we were all getting our step counts in for the night. 

ill.Banks kicked off the party with an upbeat set filled to the brim with soulful selections and head-nodding rhythms. The esteemed Northern Colorado-based producer urged everyone in the audience to dance and get down as the dusk on the river turned to night. He even celebrated his sister’s 40th birthday with the crowd joining in unison, singing Happy Birthday to finish out a truly memorable performance. 

Evanoff took the stage next, a trio of well-established musicians from Denver. Their unique blend of grooves and face-melting heavy metal chords turned heads and quickly grabbed the crowd’s attention. Featuring live guitar, keys, drums, and a touch of electronic instruments to blend the sound together, people found themselves head-banging and letting loose before the headliner took the stage. 

After an impressive bout of opening sets, Boombox was ready to ease the crowd into a funkadelic trance. The stage lights brilliantly gazed on the trees of the Poudre River, flashing around the moving crowd, as their set unfolded into an audience of longtime fans ready to dance the night away. 

And dance they did! Boombox’s signature combination of Russ Randolph’s production and Zion Godchaux’s dreamy guitar playing and singing left folks in a daze as the beats thumped and the people moved. Classics were performed from their original 2005 album “Visions of Backbeat,” and others were tastefully sprinkled in from newer records. 

We’re no strangers to a good ol’ fashioned electronic dance party at the Mish, and this night was no exception. 

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