Bluegrass on the Turfgrass - Mishawaka

Bluegrass on the Turfgrass

This past week was quite a crazy one for all of us at The Mish. Friday night was the third show out of five in one week where we were graced with the presence of The Infamous Stringdusters and Wood Belly.

It was beautiful and warm day in Bellvue making the perfect backdrop for not one, but two bluegrass acts to take the stage.

Wood Belly kicked off the night as the last of the crowd poured in. Their music was beautiful and listening to it live at the Mish felt like something out of a music video. The band members had incredible on-stage chemistry with each other while creating the beautiful harmonies.

After Wood Belly, The Infamous Stringdusters were ready for the crowd, and the crowd was in luck as they played two sets that night.

Both sets played were completely enchanting. The unique sounds of the fiddle, banjo, and double bass were only three of the five instruments on stage, but the combination of those three stood out to make a unique musical experience for the listeners. Personally, this was the first live show with a standing bass that I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing and it changed my outlook on music. I enjoyed being able to take a moment to listen from the crowd and be able to point out each instrument as they were individually perfectly highlighted.  

Friday night was one of the most beautiful shows I have experienced at The Mish and will forever be cherished in my memory as something I was proud to have been a part of.

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