Blue October with Northern National and Florea - Mishawaka

Blue October with Northern National and Florea

Blue October showed up early enough to soak in their day at the Mish.  Band members took a hike around the venue capturing drone footage of the beautiful scenery.  The guys also used their newfound freedom from wifi and cell service to enjoy some Playstation.  One of the band members was overheard saying, “We don’t have cell service, we don’t have wifi, and I’m in my sweatpants playing Playstation in a cabin.  I never want to leave!”  Blue October was one of the nicest, most professional acts we’ve ever worked with and we hope to have them back.  We promise next time one of our buses won’t get stuck on Stove Prairie Road 😉  Megan Fong of Florea delivered an astonishing solo set.   Northern National may have captured the ultimate photo with the crowd. Readying the Guitar-senal for Blue October This picture perfectly exemplifies the intensity of Justin’s performance Rockstar: You’re doing it right.This is what 1,000 people look like completely captivated. Better to be on the inside of the fence than outside.  Check out the full gallery at Sunny Side Production

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