Archive: WhiteWater Ramble & Derek Blake - Mishawaka

Archive: WhiteWater Ramble & Derek Blake

When we decided to keep the music going through the Fall and Winter season, WhiteWater Ramble was at the very top of our list of potential headliners.  Maybe it was the fact that band formed on the Poudre River and derived it’s name from within the canyon.  Maybe it was their history with the venue, or the way their music resonates with our patrons.  Whatever the reason, we knew we wanted them to shake the SpokesBUZZ Lounge, and shake it they did.


PC Alana Rolfe

The audience was greeted by Cassie, the Mishawaka’s brand new Venue and Transpo Ops Manager, and Josh of Big Al’s Security Team.  These warm smiles helped set the tone for an intimate performance.


PC Alana Rolfe

Production Manager Dom Gambone added his signature flavor to the night through his masterful use of light and sound.  The show could not go on without all the hard work that this man puts into each performance, but it’s a labor of love.  Next time you are at the Mish, see if you can spot Dom pacing the venue, making micro-adjustments throughout the show to maximize the experience for you, the fans.


PC Alana Rolfe

Derek Blake brought his rhythm section to start the night of with some energy.  The Bass and Drum work was solid, and served as the perfect backdrop for Derek’s acrobatic abilities on the guitar.  He dazzled fans while alternating between old standards and his original songs.  He even played a unique interpretation of a NOFX, highlighting the similarities rather than the differences between bluegrass and punk rock.


PC Alana Rolfe

Pictured: Dazzled Fans

The buzz only grew as Derek left the stage and the crowd continued to grow in anticipation of the one and only WhiteWater Ramble.  They lived up to the hype with a performance that was both intimate and epic.


PC Alana Rolfe

Intimate AND epic.  That pretty well exemplifies what we had hoped to accomplish with the Fall/Winter Series in the SpokesBUZZ Lounge.


PC Alana Rolfe

Now, please enjoy this brief video of special guest Pat Fiddle SHREDDING with WhiteWater Ramble.




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