An Evening with Dead Floyd - Mishawaka

An Evening with Dead Floyd

This past Friday the Mish welcomed Dead Floyd to come rock out in the Poudre for the night and this show was memorable for many reasons. Dead Floyd is a Pink Floyd and Grateful Dead cover band that does an excellent job at bringing you back in time through legendary songs, bone-chilling guitar solos, and groovy tunes that kept the crowd dancing all night.

Just as the show was about to begin Mother Nature came screaming with rain and lightning which delayed the start of the night for a short period of time.

As the clouds cleared up Dead Floyd took the stage and the party began. Our crowd was in awe as lightning struck far off in the distance behind the mountains while the band was performing, it was truly a had to be there moment. 

Another fact about the memorable Friday night is that Dead Floyd partnered with the Rex Foundation and Zappos for Daze Between to do a colored pencil donation for the Kids in Need Foundation for the upcoming school year. With this, our guests donated packs of colored pencils and in return were given a voucher to enjoy 1 free beer.

Colorful lights, great vibes, and memorable music. These are the words I would use to describe Friday night, even though the night started out a little stressful because of the weather, Dead Floyd gave us amazing friendly energy that brought everyone peace and a good time. 

Check out this amazing guitar solo from Dead Floyd’s performance!


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