An Electrifying Evening with HeartByrne: A Tribute to The Talking Heads - Mishawaka

An Electrifying Evening with HeartByrne: A Tribute to The Talking Heads

As everyone was flowing into the Mishawaka Saturday for an all night Tribute show, people were filled with excitement, joy, and happy faces! HeartByrne along with their supporting bands, Steely Dead and All Night Train, could not wait to get up on the infamous stage here at the Mishawaka! The venue truly has a magical presence, and you could feel something special in the air this clear Saturday night!

Before the show was getting started, some of the staff gathered together for a fun picture, all wearing the new shirt representing the Mishawaka Ale! Just this last week we announced the canning of the Mishawaka Ale with Odell Brewing Co.! We could not be more excited to have it available in stores for a limited time, and at Odell as well!

All Night Train was the first act of the night! Their fun take on songs from Allman Boys was spot on. They included a lot of fun guitar jam/solo sessions, and had great communication and energy on stage. What a great way to kick off an exciting night!

Steely Dead was next up to the stage! Among a lot of familiar songs from Steely Dan and the Grateful Dead, the biggest hit of the night was “Reelin’ in The Years” by Steely Dan. You could hear the excitement from the band in every song they played, and the crowd was dancing, having a great time, and getting riled up for the main act!

As HeartByrne hit the stage, everyone in the venue was cheering and ecstatic to hear this talented group of artists! Their electrifying stage presence lit up the crowd as soon they struck their first note. Every song they played filled the venue with more and more infectious energy. It is clear why they are such a phenomenal band to experience live!!

The band also brought some fun friends to the stage with them. They set up a tiger and a leopard on each side of the stage as decoration. The tiger is named Dianna and the jaguar is named Nick. They are the bands “party animals,” and have been jamming with the band for over 10 years. A few years ago, Dianna disappeared from a show, so HeartByrne posted on social media trying to find Dianna the tiger. Thankfully, word got out and the tiger was reunited with the band. They aren’t just a decoration, they are a memory, tribute, and celebration of a once very close friend of the band’s. This kind of commitment to friends and family is the most important part of working and playing in the music business!

As the night was coming to an end, the energy in the venue was still so high after an absolutely amazing run of acts. The evening of classic Dad Rock songs came together for a truly moving experience. We can’t thank these three talented bands enough for coming and sharing their musical abilities for all of you, and with all of us here at Mishawaka!

As a reminder, support from family and friends is one of the most important parts of working in this business. It can really take a toll on someone mentally and physically, so having people who care around is invaluable. Will, our Production Manager here at the Mishawaka, welcomed his parents to the venue this night. Family time is the best here at this remarkable venue in the Poudre Canyon of Colorado!


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