An Electrifying Deep Medi Takeover To Launch The 2024 Season - Mishawaka

An Electrifying Deep Medi Takeover To Launch The 2024 Season

Flying in from England, the legendary Mala, accompanied by others from his music label, DEEP MEDi, took the stage this past Saturday for a resounding season opener unlike any before at the Mishawaka.

While lovers of electronic dance music gathered in the canyon, Aimerie, a female DJ from Denver, kicked off the night with her deep and mysterious soundscapes.

As the sun set behind the hills of the canyon, Silkie commenced the DEEP MEDi takeover. While blending smooth jazz melodies with bassy wubs, he effortlessly raised the vibration of the crowd.

Commodo followed Silkie’s serenade, accompanied by DEEP MEDi’s hype man, Sgt. Pokes, the duo boosted the intensity even further with grimy dubstep and hip-hop rhythms. 

Sir Spyro carried the grimy vibes on throughout the night by mixing an impeccable track selection, including the crowd favorite, a splendid remix of Perfect (Exceeder) by Mason and Princess Superstar.

With the crowd adequately ignited, the esteemed dubstep pioneer, Mala, finally took the Mishawaka stage. While preparing his promised throwback set, ranging from 2004 to 2008, he made a surprising last-minute change to electrify the evening more. Mala surprised everyone by cutting the lights for a blacked-out set under the starry Poudre Canyon sky.

When Mala began to play his classic hit Anti War Dub, Sgt. Pokes ignited his lighter, encouraging the rest of the crowd to follow. Patrons hastily obliged, quickly illuminating the dimly lit venue with tiny sparks of blaze for an unforgettable moment that will go down in Mishtory.

It was a truly unforgettable launch to the 2024 season… and this electrifying season is just getting started! The production crew and the rest of the Mishawaka staff couldn’t be happier to be back in action, eager to provide you with what may be the finest season of live music in the Poudre Canyon yet.


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