Ain't no Sleepin' at my Wheel! - Mishawaka

Ain’t no Sleepin’ at my Wheel!

Yesterday was unforgettable. If the ideal Western swing and country band were to play at the Mishawaka, Asleep at the Wheel would be it. Luckily that wish came true last evening. Gracing us with their presence during their summer tour, Asleep at the Wheel charmed the slap-happy crowd with their classics and ever so charming experience. The Sunday afternoon started out extremely warm, however nothing is prettier than a bright blue sky and a bustling Poudre river creating the ideal summer scenery. When the sun began to fade behind the canyon mountains, opening act The Honey Gitters! took to the stage. The four person act eased into the crowd, with sounds of americana and grass-rock. Some shade, a nice breeze, and some enjoyable music saved the crowd from any worries. Once The Honey Gitters! left the stage, anticipation grew in some long-time fans of Asleep at the Wheel! They didn’t have t0o wait long for Ray Benson, member of AATW since 1970, and the rest of the amazing band to start playin’. Ray Benson, talented as ever, played alongside some newer band members who impressed everyone with great vocals, incredible fiddlin’, and some catchy saxophone sounds. The crowd loved every second of it, swing dancin’ to every to almost every song, slow or fast. The band wowed us with every song and even through in some covers, such as George Strait’s All My Exes Live in Texas!


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