A Trip to Another Dimension with Shpongle - Mishawaka

A Trip to Another Dimension with Shpongle

Shpongle really took us to a different dimension this past Sunday with his trippy, trancey dance beats and colorful visuals. This was his and his crew’s first time back at the Mish since 2011 and they mentioned that they were captivated by the vibes and beauty it brought. 

Simon Posford, from London, put on an amazing, lively show, despite feeling a tad under the weather. We really appreciated him putting his all into giving his fans a truly memorable night!

The crowd was a sea of color, to match Shpongle’s visuals and it really made the night pop. It was awesome to see how friendly and close everyone was and how Shpongle’s music brought everyone together. Everyone was moving and getting “shpongley” all throughout the night.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather, and fans from all ages came to alter their consciousness and travel to a different dimension with Shpongle’s psychedelic tunes. 

It was an honor working hospitality for Shpongle and his crew, and we hope to see them at the Mish again soon! Thank you all for coming out and coming together to enjoy the beats of Shpongle!!

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