A Proper Dusting - Mishawaka

A Proper Dusting

What a night to remember. The Infamous Stringdusters absolutely demolished the Mishawaka this past Friday evening. Their bluegrass jam-band tunes brought together the entire crowd in a way we have never seen before at Mish.

The evening started off with amazing weather and a nearly sold out crowd. With no support bands, the faith of the night laid in the hands of some of bluegrass’ best; The Infamous Stringdusters. 

The band played about a 3 hour set with transitions through songs that blew us away. Thankfully, we got to hear Pando (Chris Pandolfi) sing with Travis toward the end of the set which is a rare occurrence. Truly, these guys were amazing and shared a synchronicity between each other that just goes to show their talent. 

Not only were patrons singing along to nearly every song but there was an intense unity and love lifting off every single person present. Personally I have never seen such insane violin solos or even just such amazing jamming in any set.

It was a pleasure to experience their sound but even more, an honor to provide them what they needed before the show. Hands down some of the nicest folks wanting nothing more but a good time and to share their gratitude.

We hope to see them back at Mish again. Could not have been a better dusting than that. 

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