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A Night of Bots and Boogie

What a groovy and bumping Saturday it was in the Poudre Canyon with an energetic hip-hop lineup. Our guests, Wasteland Hop, The Burroughs, and Flobots are Hip Hop bands that all have their own unique stage presence that kept fans dancing in front of the stage throughout the night.

Wasteland Hop started off the night and their lead singer, Steph, caught the canyon’s attention with her edgy and melismatic vocal range. This band brought crazy energy that made fans even more excited for what’s to come. 

My favorite highlight of this Saturday was seeing the second band. The Burroughs took the stage in their rocking 80’s style jumpsuits, with old grandpa shoes as well. Fans couldn’t get a smile off their face when this band was on stage, the main singer mesmerized the crowd with his groovy dance moves and one-of-a-kind stage presence. The Burroughs incorporated numerous brass instruments in their set and set some high expectations for the Flobots coming on stage next.

Flobots is a legendary rap band that has a special spot in my heart because of their infamous song “Handlebars” made 15 years ago. Working for them this past weekend was such an inspiration to see a band stick together and keep a loyal and solid fan base to continue to do what they love every single day, and that is to make and perform music. The Flobots immediately hypnotized the crowd with their use of ecstatic violin, powerful rap messages, and harmonic singing.

The Flobots have a special power to move a person’s emotion through words and music, this band is very genuine with their interactions and kept our fans shimmying those hips and jumping to the music all night.

Here’s a cool highlight video of Flobots to get a better look at how amazing their performance was!


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