A Hundred Drums Echoes Through the Canyon - Mishawaka

A Hundred Drums Echoes Through the Canyon

This past Saturday at The Mishawaka A Hundred Drums and Black Carl! took the stage for a night of deep bass music that echoed through the canyon. The two artists are on a cross-country tour and have been throwing down at every venue on the way. Lucky for us they came through and made for a unique experience for the people of Northern Colorado. A Hundred Drums and Black Carl! brought on Churma, Dizzy, and Solfire for this stop on tour giving us a full night of pioneering electronic music. 

It was a beautiful summer day in the Canyon, and concert-goers were welcomed by a vibrant sunset and rainbow, alongside a large blue moon just offset from Wednesday’s supermoon. As we have been getting later and later into this concert season, the sun has been setting earlier and earlier and gave us our first evening of the season where it was dark for the first artist on stage, perfect for this evening of electronic music!

Solfire was the first to take the stage at the Mishawaka this evening, and kicked off the set with a bang! The lights from the stage started a new day for the crowd, giving energy to the night and letting everybody know that it had only just begun. The deep bass could be felt in your soul and made you feel alive, a feeling that Dizzy and Churma kept going. 

Dizzy came on after Solfire and seamlessly kept the music going. Transitioning into beats that are transforming the electronic music scene and establishing a truly unique sound that you wouldn’t hear from anybody else. Dizzy had a truly unique performance that was perfect for people who came to dance and equally for those who came to listen. 

After Dizzy played his last song of the evening, Chmura came out of nowhere and turned this concert into a rave. From the very first track, the energy instantly elevated and the crowd went crazy head banging to the nastiest drops of the night, getting people out of the restaurant and onto the lawn to get in on the rage. Chmura went so hard that it led to technical problems at one point during the set, but this didn’t stop the party. The music was still playing in everybody’s heads and the energy was still there, and when the music was back, it was like nothing ever happened.

Chmura turned up and handed it off to Black Carl! to keep the party going, and he did just that. Black Carl! has an unrepeatable approach to electronic music that combines the sounds from various subgenres of EDM with artistic inspiration from rap, R&B, jazz, and more to create a performance that he owns. Dropping mixes of the classics that define our childhoods and morph the people we are today, and paying homage to the music that paved the way to the art of today, alongside his own tracks created and produced by yours truly. The incredible production and musical talent combined with amazing stage presence and crowd engagement shows why he deserves to be where he stands today. 

Towards the end of the night, energy remains high, everybody is having the night of their lives, and anticipation is at an all-time high for A Hundred Drums. She walks up to the booth and the crowd goes insane. The cheers from the crowd are just as loud as the music, deafening and wonderful. A Hundred Drums puts on a show that is as monumental as a 100-person drumline, all by herself like a true professional. 

It was Sunday morning by the time she got on stage but that didn’t matter, everybody was there to stay and watch a master at work. Track after track and drop after drop was a classic track that was her own and made the earth vibrate. A Hundred Drums gave the performance of a lifetime with music that is going to be stuck in your head until you see her again. After seeing this show it is no wonder she has such a loyal fanbase all across the world and is a household name in the electronic music scene. If you didn’t make it to this one, you have to make it to the next A Hundred Drums and Black Carl! show that you possibly can, because only then will you really get what it was like tonight.

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