A Boot Stomping and Heart Warming Night with Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway - Mishawaka

A Boot Stomping and Heart Warming Night with Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway

This Sunday we kicked off the month of June with the American singer, songwriter, banjo and guitar player, and Grammy Award Winner Molly Tuttle, accompanied by Golden Highway. 

With over 900 people making the journey up to The Mishawaka, the show was bound for high energy. Audience members were smiling from the moment they entered, ready for a boot stomping and heartwarming night. 

The evening began with the lively fiddle and banjo duo, Allison de Groot and Tatiana Hargreaves. As the sun set behind the Poudre Canyon walls, the duo’s eccentric twist on traditional roots music elevated the audience’s already surging energy. Tatiana and Allison’s music shared music with The Mishawaka that drew from time-honored songs, stories, styles, and history, while working to elucidate current and uncertain times. 

These two have been creating music, memories, and an artistic bond for over 10 years, which was clearly heard and seen throughout their performance. The ebb and flow of rhythms, harmonies, and musical conversation quickly gripped and delighted The Mishawaka. 

Following Allison de Groot and Tatiana Hargreaves, Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway took the stage, greeted by a resounding applause. The group of five kicked their performance off with a high-tempo tune that quickly transformed the eager audience into a grooving, twirling, bouncing group. 

Molly Tuttle, hailing from Northern California, is not only known for her extraordinary and comforting voice, but is also a remarkably skilled flatpicker, gracing the audience with acoustic speed and detail. While she stunned The Mishawaka’s audience members with her attention and skills, Molly still maintained a sense of ease, comfort, and delight throughout her performance and interactions with her band members. 

Throughout the evening, Tuttle and her crew captivated The Mishawaka with songs, such from her newest album, City of Gold. Some crowd favorites included Down Home Dispensary, Alice in the Bluegrass, Where Did All the Wild Things Go?, and Yosemite. Each new tune brought an enlivened energy and a reason to dance to audience members, venue employees, and Poudre Canyon passersby. 

As the show began to wrap up, Tuttle took a moment to speak to her audience, sharing stories of personal vulnerability, perseverance, strength, and love through her experience as an individual with Alopecia. She encouraged each audience member to find strength, appreciation, and love within themself. With this message in mind, Molly removed the wig she had worn for the performance thus far and was greeted with a roar of cheering and applause that is still echoing around the canyon. 

After an instrumental Swedish song, played by Molly and opener Allison de Groot, and a final few songs of the two joined by Golden Highway around a microphone, the evening came to a close. Although this concert came and now has passed, Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway have left a permanent and utterly positive mark on The Mishawaka family and fans. 

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