A Beautiful Night with the Steep Canyon Rangers and Jon Stickley Trio - Mishawaka

A Beautiful Night with the Steep Canyon Rangers and Jon Stickley Trio

Wow, how wholesome Thursday’s show was up at the Mish this past weekend. We had the great opportunity to host the Steep Canyon Rangers, along with the support of Jon Stickley Trio.

When the Steep Canyon Rangers first got to the venue, they were instantly grateful and excited to immerse themselves in nature, and the good vibes that the Mishawaka offers. The Vibes are instant once you get up here, fans drank their beers and appreciated our river right up to showtime.

Jon Stickley Trio opened up Thursday’s show with very high energy, performing covers of renowned songs that were delivered in a way that caught everyone’s attention.

The Trio is a very unique band, they are an instrumental genre-defying group that puts a mesmerizing spin on traditional bluegrass characteristics with the incorporation of jazz and many other elements. 

Being an all-instrumental band I believe becomes more of a challenge because you have to rely on your creativity and talent to have a listener remember your music, but after hearing Thursday’s show The Jon Stickley Trio is impossible to forget. 

Fans were smiling ear to ear after the first set but next it was time to welcome the renowned, Grammy-winning, Steep Canyon Rangers, aka the bluegrass kings.

The Steep Canyon Rangers have made their impact within the music industry since 2009, and have not held themselves back since. Over 10 years later this band is still rocking and touring together, further deepening their impact on music lovers (like yourself reading this blog right now). Ain’t nothing but good times when listening to the lovely Steep Canyon Rangers, you can just feel their love for music that reached every single person in the venue. Both Jon Stickley Trio and the Steep Canyon Rangers collaborated together and performed on stage to end Thursday night’s show with a bang. 


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