Summer Season 2015 kicks off! - Mishawaka

Summer Season 2015 kicks off!

Mishawaka Summer Season 2015 kicked off with a Bang as usual! Another great Head For The Hills Pickin on the Poudre is in the books! And this summers Pickin party brought the heat with some amazing opening acts, and special guest sit ins.

Despite some spotty rains early in the evening, our hearty Mishawaka attendees boogied, partied and stomped their feet through the rain, until the clouds parted and the sun fully set.

Kicking off the evening of music was Nederland locals Caribou Mountain Collective, and boy did these guys rock. They brought a good timey, energetic set to welcome in early arrivers, and unfortunately some more rain. Their set consisted of some personal favorite covers such as “Mr. Charlie” and “I Just Dropped In”, as well as a whole handful of originals. Following Caribou Mountain Collective’s set, the phenomenal Bonnie and Daniel of Elephant Revival and their band took the stage for what was an amazing cocktail of genre defying sounds. These magicians tastefully incorporated a washboard, a wood saw and a djembe hand drum into their “folk-grass” label. The rain reached its peak during this set and the band mirrored the energy that the crowd was using to keep warm.

The clouds parted, the sun-set, and the lights came on. HEAD FOR THE HILLS TOOK THE STAGE and proceeded to tear away at their instruments with an awe-inspiring blend of grace and excitement. The set proceeded with its energy highs and lows, the rainy highs and lows and a pure energy high radiating off of the crowd.

A ways into their set, Head For The Hills invited some of Bonnie and Daniel’s band back on stage for what was a truly impressive and heartfelt cover of B.B. Kings “The Thrill is Gone” which then quickly transitioned into a Lynyrd Skynyrd cover, “Call Me The Breeze”. The night as a whole was a journey through the weather, the excitement of a new season and of course, as always, extremely talented music making up for display!

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