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The 2018 Rock Star Awards!

Let’s face it – we Mish employees are here because we love it.  We love seeing the joy on someone’s face when they see their favorite band in an intimate setting, or bite into a delicious burger while basking in the glory of the poudre canyon.  We don’t need recognition simply for doing our jobs. That being said, many of our employees are absolute rock stars who go above and beyond. We held an end of the year employee party to recognize these fine people with the “2018 Rock Star Awards”.  To add to the rock star vibe we booked The Strange Parade, a Doors cover band. They were phenomenal!

Family Photo!

So, who took home the coveted Rock Star Awards?  Here they are broken down by category.

Bar and server awards (Presented by Louie)

Rock star bartender and all around rock star of the Mish: “Mish” Chris Whalen

Rock star Bar/server and a rock star we will miss: Casey Cook

Rock star Server: Shelby Taylor

Rock star all around, Server, Bar, Kitchen: Liz “Pork Chop” Davis

Rock Star of keeping the whole place looking great: Mike McCarron


Lawn Warrior and BOH awards (Presented by Gary)

Rock Star Lawn/Host, the hostess with the mostest: Echo Roberts

Rock Star lawn/ host, now server: Lizzie Senesac

Rock Star BOH: Aaron Moritz

Rock star BOH dish to bar back= Paul Marchi

Rock Star Rookie of the year for BOH= Jeff Chavez

Production, Drivers, Interns, Shuttle Coordinators, Parking, and Merch – all presented by Alana

Most Enthusiastic Loader: James Hodgkins

Looks most like Will: Colin Orr

Be More Like Pilgrim: Pilgrim

Most Flexible: Ken Griffith

Above and Beyond: Kevin Schuster


All four of them because they work so well as a unit.  Jake Mohr, Alden Olvey, Sarah Viscovi, and Brennan Dyehouse.

Aren’t they adorable?

Shuttle Coordinators

A-Game: Katharine Flynn

Extra Effort: Kelsey Stewart



The Thinker: Ryan Wasserman

Danny “Pack em In” Neilson



Longest Running Venue Staff AND Best at adapting to New Processes: Nicole Marcisofsky  



“ON IT” Isaac Ayala

Derek “The Rock” Daniels


Photos/AV – Presented by Tim

Passion Award – Cody Allmer, Sunny Side Production because… 

Comedic Editing – Dan Butcher because…


Mish Initiative

Allyce Carlson & Grethe Rundquist

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