10th Annual Sisterwinds Festival at the Mishawaka - Mishawaka

10th Annual Sisterwinds Festival at the Mishawaka

The blood, sweat, and tears put into preparing for August 26th were evidently put on display as the 10th Annual Sister Winds Festival came together to celebrate life at the Mishawaka. Endless time was devoted to ensuring vendors, workshops, and musicians were on board and ready to create a beautiful event that will continue on for another decade and more to come!

Sister Winds was an all gender inclusive event but focused heavily on empowering women at the Mishawaka. Most of the staff all day were women and it kicked ass! Everyone’s hard work and dedication made this event run smoothly from start to finish. The spiritual vibe was heavily merged into the women empowerment creating a free and warming sensation; the love and creativity was fluent, a perfect concoction of dream-like state of an event. It’s not every day you get to the see genuine compassion at this level…it’s also not everyday you ask your boss for something to do while he is getting a massage.

A Sacred Circle hosted by Ahva Lenay

From the sacred circle that took place on the island, to the diverse genres of music brought to our main stage, there was something for everyone that attended to enjoy and take away in experience. The amount of effort from Bridget Law, Shaella Noelle, and many more talented women in the music industry, brought a welcoming environment to all classes of people to congregate and be free in the Poudre Canyon. Children and adults alike danced all through the day into the night expressing themselves without a care in the world. There was never a dull moment between music, workshops and acroyoga, check it out below!

Many of the acts had just finished up a long weekend at Arise Music Festival earlier in the month, and they brought the same amount of energy and love (if not more) for a more intimate experience by the river.

Vendors lined up around the bowl of the Mishawaka, which created a tent-city reminiscent of the desert scape at Burning Man. From messages to mocktails, the Mishawaka had a marketplace of hand crafted jewels, tasty treats, and gemstones. This is the first time I’d ever seen the Mishawaka put on an event with such a high caliber of variables; the success of the event rides on the backs of the fearless ladies who volunteered and hosted the event.

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