Parking & Transportation



Let the good times roll!  

Mishawaka remains absolutely dedicated to lessening the impact of transportation on the Poudre Canyon this season and into the future.  We are committed to further establishing the Mish as a sustainable member of the Canyon community...

Accordingly, shuttle bus service is the recommended means of transportation to and from the show. Shuttle pricing for season will remain only $15 for the round trip.  Reservations can be booked for the shuttle, up to the evening before the event. 

Shuttle reservations are available for the Indoor season as needed. 15 reservations are required to insure bus service. Demand will dictate if the shuttle rolls. There is one pick up location: Transfort Downtown Transit Center, 250 Mason Street between Laporte and Maple. The bus will depart at 7:00 pm. Reserved riders receive priority seating. Stand-by riders are welcome as space permits.

Parking is always free for indoor concerts.

To book a shuttle reservation, please click here.

The Mishawaka Amphitheatre is located in an extremely fragile environment and demands a perpetual commitment to sustainability. The communities in Poudre Canyon and throughout Larimer County deserve the same. We anticipate and thank you for your commitment to sustainability as well.


---Mishawaka Team



Mishawaka Amphitheatre Parking and Transportation Guide

Preserve The Canyon Mishawaka Park N Ride:

Mishawaka Amphitheatre is focused on reducing its environmental impact on the beautiful Poudre Canyon and providing convenient, inexpensive solutions to accessing the concert venue. We have partnered with RMA & CSU to accommodate riders' needs.

Park and ride locations are all accessible by public bus routes. There are also bike racks and ample secure parking spaces at all locations.

Special Note for The Winter Season: Parking is plentiful for the capacity of our indoor space. Therefore, parking is free on site. Shuttles will be provided when demand is adequate. Shuttles depart from the Transfort Downtown Transit location in Old Town ONLY.

Please Note: Our providers and the Mishawaka do not allow any illegal activity on shuttles. Please do not bring open alcohol contaners or drugs onto the bus. Following this policy allows for the safest ride for everyone. Try anything and you may find yourself stranded in the canyon! 

Park and ride location for the Indoor season:  Transfort 250 N. Mason St. (@ the Corner of Mason & Laporte in Old Town) Fort Collins, CO. 80524

The charge for the round trip shuttle ride is $10. To reserve a seat on the shuttle click here. You must pay in advance to reserve a seat. Drivers will carry manifests & those who RSVP will receive priority boarding.

*Please keep in mind that, during the Indoor season, a minimum of 15 pre-reserved passengers is required to insure shuttle service.

Stand-by riders are welcome as space allows.

Parking at Mishawaka- The Mishawaka is a shuttle destination venue. 

There is LIMITED parking available at Mishawaka during normal operations, so we encourage you to use the cheap shuttle option if possible! Parking is free for the winter season.

If you do purchase parking, please fill your car with fellow concert attendees. Carpooling is a great way to use those spaces efficiently. Be humane- don't stick anyone in the trunk!

Parking along Highway 14 during a concert is dangerous for pedestrians and drivers alike. There are no street lights and some folks drive fast on the canyon roads. We care about you and we encourage you to use the shuttle service instead of risking your life on a mile-long, dreary, dark and scary walk to Mishawaka. Cars parked along the road have slid off the side of the road, been side swiped or have been towed by the CO Department of Transportation.

Please utilize the shuttle service and help us change the perception of concerts in the canyon. The Mishawaka Team is hoping to bring you world class shows for a long time in the beautiful Poudre Canyon. There is no place like The Mish and if we don't make some changes, it could be taken away from our community. 

Motorcycle Parking:
Mishawaka will have designated parking for motorcycles during shows.


Mishawaka has no overnight accommodations, please plan accordingly. There is no camping available on the property. We also do not allow car camping in the parking lots. Security will be sweeping the property each night before the last shuttles depart. The shuttles will bring anyone who needs a ride to the shuttle locations where they can catch a cab and get home safely.

Bicycles can park for free, but please park it safely & securely. Also, please be sure you have a road ready bike with lights for safe nighttime riding.


We recognize that parking in the canyon is scarce, and the limited spaces can be frustrating during shows. We are trying to address these challenges in a fair and responsible manner, in order to preserve the beauty of our canyon while offering exceptional service for our patrons. We thank you for you support in helping us make the Mishawaka a positive force in the Poudre Canyon.