The Mishawaka Amphitheater is a shuttle venue. We DO NOT recommend parking at the theater but parking is available for extreme need situations for $40 due to a lack of on site parking. We provide transportation via our shuttles for patrons of concerts for $20. Please be aware that in order to discourage parking on site, the cost of parking is $40. Please be considerate and ride the shuttle if at all possible.

The cost of the shuttle is $20 (see below for directions)
The cost of parking is $40

Shuttle and parking reservations are accepted up to 26 hours prior to your show, unless reservations are below 30 riders. Stand-by purchases for the shuttle are available just prior to departure as space allows with $20 exact change at the same CSU location. To ensure a parking spot or a shuttle seat, please reserve in advance.


We are unable to handle day of show requests for changes, edits, or cancellations to any shuttle or parking reservation.

To book a shuttle or parking reservation, click here


Welcome to the Mishawaka’s shuttle and on site parking reservation system. As many of you know, the shuttle offers a stress-free, green way to safely get to and from the Mish. This system will allow you to reserve and pay for a spot on the shuttle ride of your choosing. Shuttle fare is $20 (online only) and will include the ride back down the canyon. Standby passengers must bring $20 exact change.

We DO NOT Recommend parking at the venue due to incredibly limited space and in order to discourage parking on site, the cost to park is $40 per car.

Use the link on this page to get started. Please take care to double check the correct date for your show when booking your shuttle reservation.

Reserved shuttle riders receive priority seating. Stand-by purchase available but seating not guaranteed. To ride standby please bring $20 cash to the Colorado State University Transit Center. To reserve a seat, please do so at least 26 hours in advance of show.

Answers to Frequently asked Questions

  • You do not need your confirmation receipt to get on the shuttle. You just need your name (identification is preferred)
  • There is no smoking or drinking allowed at the shuttle stop or on the bus.
  • To exit and get back on the shuttle at the END of the night, please join the line that exits through the restrooms.
  • If you need assistance or want to change your reservation, please email mishtranspo@gmail.com
  • Refunds can only be requested 48hrs in advance of show doors. Please email mishtranspo@gmail.com to request
  • CSU is the only shuttle pickup. There is no campground or alternate transportation service offered by the Mishawaka.
  • All shuttles are scheduled to return at the end of the show. Shuttles will be loading through the show and may leave early if they fill.
  • We cannot switch the name of your reservation, however if they use your name, they will be able to use your spot.
  • There is NO drinking OR Smoking at the shuttle stops. Please be respectful

Direct assistance is available at (970) 481-9466 or mishtranspo@gmail.com
The quickest way to receive assistance will always be text or email.

Pickup Location:

Reserved (recommended)

Colorado State University Transit Center is located on the west side of the Student Center parking lot. Driving on College Ave, turn west onto Laurel. Then left on Meldrum. Parking here is free after 4 pm on weekdays, and free all day on weekends and holidays.

Pickups for any 8pm show are at:
5:15 | 6:15 | 7:15

Please note there is no smoking or drinking allowed at the shuttle stop.

Standby (From 5:15-6:15 for any 8pm show)

Please note: Standby passengers are NOT guaranteed a spot on a shuttle. To attempt to ride standby, bring $20 exact change to the shuttle stop. If you would like a guaranteed ticket, please reserve a seat online 26 hours in advance of the show.

Note: All standby seating will take place at Colorado State University as of May 2017

Outside Transportation

Don’t want to use our shuttle service? No problem! We have compiled a list of local transportation companies, however we cannot reserve space from outside providers for you.

Genesis Executive Transportation More Info

Fort Collins Yellow Cab More Info

Sapphire Car Service More Info

Green Ride More Info

NoCo Party Bus More Info

Party Bus Fort Collins More Info

Uber More Info

Lyft More Info

Fort Collins Limo More Info

Last option

Parking at venue. We do offer parking, though it is at a price of $40 per spot. with 60 spaces at the venue, parking on site is reserved for extreme need situations. Please remember there is no tailgating allowed on site.

Colorado State  – Student Center

Directions: The parking lot for the CSU Transit Center is located on the south side of S Meldrum St and W Laurel Ave. Turn South to get into the parking lot.

Driving East: Turn Right at Meldrum and Laurel

Driving West: Turn Left at Meldrum and Laurel

GOOGLE maps link: Click for Directions

Do NOT follow google maps to CSU Transit Center, it will take you to the wrong location. The map below shows the ONLY route into the correct parking lot.



 To book a shuttle or parking reservation, click here

Reservations – Mishawaka

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